Friday, January 19, 2007

and I am...I am

Here i am. floating, flying high above the trees.
and the beauty of the breeze.
you are you
and I... am I
I am I am I am

my heart feels oddly light
not my own

but it is...and this is me!

I don't make sense
and I'm not the most wonderfull of wonderfull
but i am you see?

some things happen
and some things pass
and some things come again
and some things just are

I am not bitter
i am not wrong and I am not right

mistakes are made
and things are forgiven
and things just are...sometimes

if this should be then it should be
maybe...maybe I wasn't the one for you
i hope with all my heart you find that one
and i hope it's light and laughter and love

and i am me

so this is it
the light in the clouds as we pass in the car
the smell of bread rolls baking in the oven
birthday candles and presents and "ho-ho-ho's"
family gathered around the tree....i'll miss that

but some things should just be
and this should be

and I'm ok with this....this be that is


i'm going home. it's'll be a few weeks....but.....

one can only return
after a period of absence.but perhaps that was always my real...
my true....return after long wanderings...