Saturday, November 25, 2006

Belated Thanksgiving

So it's a belated Happy Thanksgiving message.

The begining of Thanksgiving was spent in the hospital so that wasn't too fun. And it's wierd,I'm making a record of it I think. I've spent New Years,my Birthday and now Thanksgiving in the hospital. Aiva has been sick really since we returned from New York. SHe'll go 3 days sick,4 days ok,2 days sick,3 days's been like this for 2 or three months now and Thursday morning I finally got tired of the tossing and turning and uncontrolable temperatures....they didn't help all that much at the hospital. And the doctor there was realllly wierd. But I had to do something. They put her on a stronger antibiotic, so hopefully that will help. She was good yesterday and then last night she spiked a fever again and started getting a little delirious, I got it to come down and she slept all through the night until 11am! and she's been sleeping now since 3pm...I guess all that time with out sleep she's trying to make up for it.

Anyhoo, other than the morning and part of the early afternoon spent in the hospital it was a good Thanksgiving. We spent it with my mom,her boyfriend, my eldest sister and her two children and my other sister. And I burnt the rolls! again! I've been doing so good with them lately and I burnt the bottom of the first batch. Oh well. Some people don't even have rolls right now, I told my sister when she picked on me,lol. Nice come back I know.

Ki'ki's and I spent the night in Chip's room and she slept pretty good, I felt bad because he offered to sleep on the couch and I kept saying no no she and I would sleep in her room, but he insisted and I was up early to watch my neice and nephew anyway.

And then today I get on the computer to check a few things and see an entry from him. How sweet :*). I didn't even know he did it. I love you too ho-ney!

~"This man who had rescued her from the ocean...and she was shaking. He walked with her. She was trying not to cry. Maybe they had all been her angels, in a way. Delivering her to the next place. Maybe any love we ever have is an angel in whatever form-a little girl fighting death,a white horse who could have been a father once, a boy on the beach..."
from Echo,by F.L.B

(I love this book, it's so full of beautifull details and hard sad moments and soft uplifting rebirth...)

be well dear ones....Happy Holidays.