Wednesday, November 22, 2006

what a beautifullness

The lights are turned down low. I can feel a small draft creeping up from beneath the floor boards,entering up beneath my clothes,my flesh,my bones. And I shiver.

My little ki-ki is sleeping. she's spent the day running and playing and coloring and making cookies with grandma and her cousins when we got home from work. She sleeps,feety pajamas and large blue silk blanket cacooning her small form. Oblivious to the television and the small creeping drafts and the cars rushing by and the world revolving at large. She sleeps.

And what is? what is? is? Is this it? this?

What a that a even a word...well it is's mine...what a beautifullness.
So Donna and Glenn (two awesome people I work with)and mom and I all had a great conversation today while we waited for calls to come through. Glenn is this guy who reminds me so so much much of my uncles in New York, he would blend in at a family reunion. He makes me miss them. And Donna is this girl who reminds me of my sister and a free spirit. She's this awesome girl who's artistic and intelligent and just yeah,free spirited I guess is the best way to describe her. We talked about beauty and art and astrological signs and music and it was nice. I miss those sorts of conversations. It's a nice connection.
So it is late and perhaps if I'm lucky I'll get a few hours of uninterupted sleep. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Eat! Be merry! Be safe! Enjoy family and good naps! But most of all remember to give thanks. To God,earth,air,sky,other worldly dieties....whom or whatever...just give thanks and be jolly jolly :*).

Sweet dreams all of my dear ones.