Sunday, November 19, 2006

work and relax and begin again.amen.

(here's my Aiva having fun with my cousins daughter,it's from the summer but I wanted to put it in here simply cuz she looks so happy and i like it)

This weekend has been nice and relaxing, almost hesitent to start the second week of my new job. Almost...the part that likes lying on the couch and watching toon-toons with my ki-ki's and coloring..that part. It's a large part. But there is a part that recognizes the need to earn that paycheck,I enjoy that part as well,I promise. It's long and tiring, but that's part of the fun too, makes the days off much more special. more to look forward to.

in the rain,sing a song,in your secret life,in your eyes,it's be surprised,by the lullabies,that keep us in line,tonight.

~Aaron Pillar
the applesead cast
hundred hands

what's it like to make a metaphor
my mother's a womb
my dad's a guitar
my love is a heart
or a kiss
or a star
or a prayer for my life as I sleep in the car
she's a doctorate in rain
and the same last name
or a light in the dark and my god is the same
my life is a speck of dust
or a flame
and I'm all the better for it
not knowing, or caring, it's not for me to choose
some call it trust
some call it faith
it's all just a matter of taste
and this is not me
and I've fooled you all again

Jason Gleason
Further Seems Forever

~sleep sweet all dear ones. *smile!*