Monday, November 13, 2006

The sun shines

First day of work. It was alot better, or I should say alot less stressfull than I thought it would be. It was actually quite fun. I learned alot. I learned what my job description actually is. So I'll be helping employees of the executive branch of the federal government set up FSA accounts. FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account. It's actually funny what I broke it down to be, but I'm supposed to be confidential and all that stuff. I'm actually doing for them what they could do in about 5 minutes online themselves, but I guess Im helping those lazy people who don't want to do it themselves.

I met a few really awesome people too. One girl is about my age and has a little girl that's about a year older than Aiva. We got to talking because when we went around telling a little bit about ourselves she let me know that her neices name is Aiva too just with out the I. And this really funny guy who's been there about 3 weeks, he started working there the day I was originally supposed to begin. We talked a little bit about the job and the setting and the people who work there and he said it's a really laid back environment and he loves it so far. So things look really positive.

Aiva was a little mad at me when I picked her up from Daycare today. She had to wake up very early this morning after a night of tossing and turning. She was at day care for quite a while due to me having to be to work at 8 and not getting out until 5. It's about a half hour drive to and from so she was very clingy when I picked her up. I was clingy too and feeling a little guilty about leaving her for so long,but momma's gotta work.

Chips been saying I love you ever since he picked me up, I think we got a little too used to spending our days together. But things will fall into a routine and get easier on all, I'm sure.

Still got some laundry to do and find clothes for tomorrow so sweet dreams all. I promise my weekend updates will be better.

Sweet dreams dear ones.

Ps. Chips dad got home today after going through surgery and rehab and Chip said he seemed to be doing really good, so yay!!