Friday, November 10, 2006

aivas room

here is a pic. of aiva this morning about 8 or 8:15 just before it was time to take her to day care.

the other three are pics of the room I promised Alissa. my daughter has a full size bed, for the simple fact that she sleeps vertically so small infant beds and twin size beds just don't work for her. the walls are still kind of bare, i couldn't find a lot of my old stuff. so i have to go get her some girly decorations. but i did put Alissa's lightning picture from the fair on her wall cuz she says "wow" when she looks at it.

welcome to the crab shack

So it is officially the weekend. Aiva has successfully completed her first week of Daycare.

Today when I picked her up she was outside playing with the other kids again. She saw me and came up to give me kisses."Bye-bye mommy?" she asked. "Yup,let's go bye-bye. Did you have a good day?","Yeah" she says. She leans over and gives the woman a hug and kisses her cheek. She calls her tee-tee. I think her name is Tina. So that's a good sign, and i'm happy she's happy and settling in. It'll be a long week for both of us next week. I sincerely hope she's feeling better by then.

This weather is driving me nuts. 79 degrees today! Is it November or June? And right now I feel like it's 100 degrees in here. Which is odd since I'm always always cold at night. I'm just crabby and I think a slight fever that will most likely be over before the weekend. Better be over! I start work on monday. I'm excited and apprehensive. It's something new. And I hate change. But I know I'm ready for something new work wise.

So I got a babysitter for tomorrow night. :gasp: take a picture. It'll be what the second time out in the past 7 months. It's allright. I dont really like going out that much anymore anyway but it is nice to know that there are other life forms out there. Anyhoo,like I said I'm crabby tonight so no waxing on poetic like and nothing extraordinary. Just me. Just shira. Being crabby. grrr.
((I know what you mean Alissa,having crabby days. blahhh)) :grins:

sleep well and have a good safe weekend all dear ones.