Thursday, November 09, 2006

nothing much

So I'm in a super goofy mood. Today was a good day I suppose. Nothing spectacular. Aiva was outside in the nice weather running around and giggling with the other kids when I went to pick her up from Daycare which was a great sight. However her small cough from last night was more prounounced and accompinied by a runny nose,so that's not good. I got a cold from her about a week and a half ago that I've passed onto Chip and now apparently back to her again. So it's gone full circle. Darn wishy washy weather!

Anyhoo not much to say today so that is all I'm going to leave you with. Sorry so short. And I promise tomorrow Alisaa I will have the pic's for you. They are taken just not downloaded yet.

Sweet dreams dear ones.