Tuesday, November 07, 2006

another day

So today was another day. The second day of day care. And it wasn't half as bad as yesterday.
As you can see it is 7:45 and i'm updating already! Yes, Aiva is peacefully asleep. I'm not one of those mommies who puts the baby to bed the second the street lights come on,quite the contrary actually. Usually it's a 10-10:30 bed time. But I think two days of waking up so early and running and playing and coloring has just worn her out.

Chip and I had a great day though. It's so wierd having all this free time.(Still 5 more days before I start my new job). After taking Aiva to daycare I came back home and curled up next to him for about 45 minutes before we both got up and got ready to start the day. We decided to run errands today and have lunch together.

We decided to go vote first. His voting area was at the Country Club and mine was at the Baptist Church. What a long ballot! It seemed to take forever and I felt bad that 80% of the names were so forgein to me. But I did vote for the candidates I knew about and embarrasingly enough the ones I didn't know about I chose by picking the last name I liked best. That is horrible to admit. I'm sorry.

(Ps. Chip was a little irritated that there were no "I Voted" stickers at either locations. I offered to run to the dollar store and pick up some smiley face stickers so he would still feel special. But that just earned me a smack on the tush.)

Anyway, afterwards we ran to the bank and then to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Oh do I love panacakes(yes,pan-a-cakes) with black berry syrup. Usually i hate panacakes but theres are wonderfull. And we held hands and laughed and joked and rocked in rocking chairs and played chess while we waited. It was nice. Very nice.

So kiki's made it through another day. Mommy made it through another day. And tomorrow we begin again.

Sweet dreams one and all dear ones.

(Ps. Alissa it is the back room, not the office. Will take pictures for next blog.)