Monday, November 06, 2006

Ki-ki's first day

First of all thank all of you soo soo very much for your comments. They were really uplifting and although I don't know all of you I love you guys for being so caring. Thanks so much

So we woke up about 7:30 and began getting ready. Aiva was cranky for all of 5 minutes before she started getting excited. I think she knew today was play day with all of the other kids. By 8:30 we were ready to go so we went and woke Chip up and headed out about ten minutes later.

Pulling into the drive way Aiva was chanting "hurry,hurry,hurry", that really sounded more like "hoowey,hoowey,hoowey". Made mommy feel great that she was so excited to get away from her(grins).

We walk in and the woman walks up to us( is it bad that I dont know all of their names yet?) and she says "hi Aiva". Aiva smiles. I kiss her cheeks about 100 times and Chip says "Go ahead honey,put her down." So I set her down and she runs into the room with the other sleepy children.

She runs right up to a little girl,puts her hands over her own eyes and screams "Boo!", the little girl giggles like crazy and goes running away. Aiva laughs and goes off to find her next victim. I try to find reasons to stay. Describing exactelly what I brought.

"Well there are two changes of clothes,a new box of diaper wipes,full pack of diapers and two cuppies in case she gets thirsty. She usually get's really thirsty in the morning"

The woman smiles and says "Wow, you're really prepared. I like that. Usually I'm lucky if I get an extra pair of pants and a few diapers."

Chips smiling. Maybe to humor me. Maybe because Aiva is still running around getting a kick out of scaring the other children.

I rattle on some more about times to pick her up and drop her off and paper work and who really knows. I probably told her my shoe size and mothers maiden name at some point.

She smiles knowingly and Chip says "Come on honey, she's ok".

I look over and Aiva's staring at me from two rooms away. She smiles.

"Bye Ki-ki's" I say and wave. She just smiles and turns around to stare at another little girl.

We walk out the door and get into the truck.

"How about breakfast?" Chips asks

"Ok" I smile. Trying not to feel the lump in my throat. But I did good. They welled up in my eyes. Many times. But not one spilled over.

After picking up breakfast and heading back to the house Chip looks over and smiles at me again. "She'll be ok sweetie, I promise"

And I know no other single person in this world can promise such a thing. But it does make me feel better. I also see the look in his eyes and realize he worries as much as I do. And that makes a world of difference in itself.

So we get in the house and have breakfast and enjoy the quiet and each others company for about 45 minutes before it's time to start on the spare room. We decided to make it Aiva's bedroom but there is alot of furniture and random articles from years past that need to be moved and cleaned and wiped down and vaccumed.

All the while I keep making little comments like. "I hope she's ok","she's ok","I wonder if she'll like it",and "Do you think she'll like it?".By noon we are done removing all the old furniture,setting up the bed,moving in stands and lamps. And I'm sure I drove him nuts. We take another break and I see him off to his physical therapy appt.

While he's gone I dress the bed and set up stuffed animals. Put up pictures and search through my tote and boxes for little girly things from my childhood.

He returns from his physical therapy about 2, just as I'm putting up the last picture. He smiles but I can see that he's in pain. Or atleast very uncomfortable.

But he likes it and we talk for a little while before heading out to make turkey sandwiches for lunch. We settle on the couch and wait for it to be 3:30.

It's time to finally leave and we head out to go get Ki'ki's. The whole while driving I'm wondering if she had a good time and if she'll like her room. We pull up and head in. She's standing in the middle of a bunch of kids waiting for there mommies and daddies.

"Hi baby" I say. Waiting for her to run into my arms. She walks up and reaches, I pick her up. She lays her head on my shoulder and pats my back. And it's so funny that she tries to be reassuring like that.

The woman walks up and hands me a picture that she colored for me to day. A picture of Curious George with green,yellow and grey swirls all over the the place. And it's beautiful.

We head out to the truck and buckle her in,putting on the CD she loves.

"The Itsy Bitsy spider..." she giggles and plays peek-a boo with Chip at all the red lights.

Back at the house we get in and immediately want to show her ,her room. We turn on the light and show her the door that days "Aiva Ki-Ki's Room" in black letter with a heart and umbrella and stork framing it. I found a bit of soft pink silk to drape over the top and she says "Wow!".

We open the door and she walks in. A little confused I think. Her grocery cart is in the corner. A bin of toys by the door. Her books on the night stand. She twirls in a circle "Wow,wow".

Later that night...After cheeseburgers and fries and ice cream and bath time and jump on the bed and wrestle with Chip we head back in to go to sleep. She jumps up on the bed and says "Boooo-k!"

So I grab the four books on her stand. "Itsy-Bitsy Spider..","The Birthday Gift","Oh my Baby little one" and "God, I need to talk to you again".

We read each one atleast three times and she says "Night-Night". So I turn off the light, cuddle her close to me and kiss her all over her face till she says "Hey!,night-night mommy". (grins).

~My little Aiva is 2 years old. She thinks she's 22. She's bossy and independent and clingy and whiney and everyones mother. She smiles in the mornings and cries in the mornings. She thinks she's a big girl when she uses the potty and she needs mommy next to her to go to sleep. And I love her more than I've ever loved any other person in this entire world in my entire life.

~*goodnight and sweet dreams. All of you dear ones.