Tuesday, October 31, 2006


the television is off. or atleast the volume is. and it's raining outside. a dull drizzle. dark brooding clouds. i've got a million thoughts going through my mind and the rain keeps coming down.

why does it have to be a gross day or a dull day or a yucky day. why can't it just be. beautifull.

and it is. beautifull and refreshing and renewing. and it smells wonderfull. the cold creeps in and settles to my bones. i wrap the blanket closer.

ten more minutes before it's time to wake up aiva and be off again.

ten more minutes to enjoy the nothing. the sound of the rain. the smell of it and the cold.

it takes me back to days of before. it's nice to remember things forgotten. pushed back in the soft parts of your memory and stored for moments like these.

i've had alot of these moments lately.

and i wonder.

maybe it's finally time.
And here I am
poised above with my arms spread flying
and there are halos of light,
spinning out of us.
and yes this is me
becoming holy human and my own self
(Echo,Francesca Lia Block)