Monday, October 30, 2006

silent hearts in the north

*for a dear friend in new york.*

We lie awake at night. the sounds of life flowing around us. when will it be? when will it become? who am i? where am i going?

and there is silence. and how can we live with this silence? it's maddening!

and there is noise. always. when will it end?

and when will it just stop.

when will it just cease.

comfort and warm and become. this wonderfull something i've been waiting for.

but there is light.

and it is warm. and it will envelop. and it will overwhelm and it will fill and it will be. will be. will be. a new awakening.

*your always in my thoughts and forever in our prayers. we love you. even here. even so many miles away.


little pleasures

*Thanks to grandma and grandpa R. for having us up last night. For the wonderfull dinner and cupcakes. Also for the clothes,books and beautifull winter jacket. Thanks to Kellie and Doug for the toys and clothes*
( i will have pictures later)
today was hectic and wonderfull. nothing really spectacular. but i just loved him so much today. for no particullar reason. just because

aiva and i jumped around in the leaves today. chased each other. layed down and watched the leaves fall from the trees.

"you see that? what color are they?"

"wellow?" she asks.

"that's right,yellow"

she points up as they fall. amazed.from her place beside me.

"oooh,wow mommy"

and i smile as i watch the leaves fall down. she giggles when one falls on her nose. and i love that beyond life.beyond all the stupid little worries every day. she can watch the leaves fall down and find it an amazing thing. and i realize the things i take for granted. like the sun sets and the rain storms. and the sound of people mowing their grass. and smiles and laughter and kisses.

lifes little pleasures.

*sweet dreams dear ones*