Thursday, October 26, 2006

last nights update and Birthday tale

happiness is the moment of utter perfection. can perfection really be acheived? who knows, but I think we each individually define our own happiness. our own perfection.

perfection is the moment of utter bliss. nothing at all to do with the serenity of silence. it is a riot,a chaos of emotion and un explainable things at the heart of myself.

you place this happiness inside of me. looking over at me with your soft smile. repeatedly telling me you missed me today. and being my night in shining white truck,lol...when i was shivering outside of work.(my sister forgot to pick me up from work,the one time I've asked her in countless months).

i love you. for however long forever turns out to be.

I wake up. It is 7:45. Just ten more minutes, I convince myself. But it's time to get up just 6 minutes later because I feel myself slipping into that nice warm,dreamless sleep.

I roll a very sleepy,very cranky little birthday girl out of bed,grab a cuppy and a few diapers stuff it into a diaper bag and head out the door.

It's another one of those mornings spent watching my neice and nephew. Aiva is unusually cranky and clingy all morning.(keep reminding myself it's probably not right to reprimand or pop bum-bums on birth days,so she get's away with alot this morning) Two o'clock rolls around and it's time to head out again.

Before I pull into the drive way Aivas chin is on her chest and she's snoring quite loudly. I trudge up the steps and back my way into the house,my arms full. Chips sitting in his chair. I smile and whisper "hi babe" and go back to lay her down for her nap.

We had decided that when I got back from babysitting we'd go get some wrapping paper and wrap the presents,get something that Aiva likes for dinner and a small cake and have her birthday here.

When I get back in the room however it is obvious he's revised the original plan. There is a chair full of presents across the room from him.

"I picked up another outfit for her while I was out getting wrapping paper this afternoon"

I smile and sit down,wondering why I deserve this man.

He asks what do I want to do for dinner. We decide on boneless chicken breasts,mashed potatoes and gravy and a chocolate cake.

While he's gone to the store I do the dishes. I finish just as he walks through the door. We mix this and heat that up and it feels nice to be in the kitchen making dinner with him. (really he made dinner, i just decorated the cake)

Aiva wakes up just as dinner is finishing. Surprise:grins: I'm sure my little Buddha belly could smell the food cooking all the way back there. She gets up on the counter and starts picking at the chicken. "Num!" she says, which means she wholeheartedly approves,as expected.

After dinner we go in the kitchen to get the cake. She knows what's coming and comes running in. She's been waiting for this moment (blowing out the candles) for months now. Chips friend Chris has been helping her practice for the last 2 weeks on a candle Chip bought from his job. We even would have to sing the bithday song and clap afterwards!

After cake we place the presents in the middle of the living room floor and wait for her to rip into them. After a little coaxing she starts. Clothes are first and of course of little interest to a 2 year old. Next is the My Little Pony bath time plush that Alissa and the boys got for her.

"Pony,pony,pony,pony!" she chants as Chip tries to hurriedly remove it from the imprenitrable package.

She opens the gift with the doll and ooohs,but it's on to the next one which is a toy shopping cart. While Chip puts it together it's back to the pony and the chanting.

Chip seems to enjoy the shopping cart just as much,if not more than, she does.(hehe, had to put that in there to embarass him).

Anyhoo, it was a good birthday. She spent at least 2 hours pushing the cart around the house. And of course she had to take a bath with her new pony doll and then put on her new kitty pajamas. Long day for her I'm guessing since she was knocked out by 9pm!

ps. Thanks to Alissa and Drew and Nick for the Pony,pony,pony! And grandma and grandpa R. for the card and cash, she sat on Chips lap and pretended to read it.

sweet dreams dear ones.