Thursday, October 19, 2006

Poetry night and great news too!!

I'm feeling poetic tonight so I'm going to just post a couple of my different poems from over the years. Most of them untitled.
*No title*

I am
wrapped up in this like a spool,
craving this dark
as owls do.
a nimble creation
of unpainted fingernails

I am beautiful and betrayed
green with guard
just a little around the edges.
still hair flying free

I am a lone cord of song.
constantly wondering,
where did I go wrong?
piecing together slivers of lost time
into prose.

I am amazed and comforted by you.
curious to know,if others perceive you as I do.
a strum on my guitar...
the final note
of endless scribbles

I am,
nothing and everything in the same
a lady with a title
but no last name
afraid to show my fingers,
ink smudged and stained
because maybe..that is me
*No Title*

I imagine my first sight of you as if viewed through a stained glass window,or broken glass. Is the image distorted? Have I painted you with rosy hues?
Fallen in love with the warm glow your image reflects on me? And why do I even question?

Is this love? This emotion that I've overflown my heart and thoughts with? Or is love the image through the glass and uninfluenced when our eyes have finally cleared?

If so,let me stay in your glow,for just a little while longer.Do not disillusion me just yet. I love the reflection of me,seen through you.

~2006, I wrote this 3 weeks after Chip and I were dating! I was already falling in love with him.
*The storm*

I smell the scent of rain
carried on the wind.
and I imagine these new emotions forming,
not as an infant or new bloom
but as this storm
sweeping across my fragile self.
me my storm,love!
ruthless and raging
and consuming completely!
or else pass me by
un unspired
~this was written just before Chip and I met. and surprisingly i like this. like,really like it. maybe because i was so emotional when i wrote it. but i don't really like anything i do so,i dunno....guess it just means i like it. hope you do too.
*Purest of Angels*

Purest of Angels
Are you inside of me?
drinking from the nectar of my veins?
Are you the theif of dreams, or the bringer
of new wonders?

Oh,how it terrifies me,
like slow rain and cold nights
Are you present?
Are you there like one of my sightless dolls,
and will I veil your eyes?

Sweet,small,innocent Angel
I am not enough for you
The darkness I ingest will rot
and keep you bitter
I am not enough

My words will turn to ash
my soul with shrivel,and you will feed
from what I become
How can I bless you with this world?!

Will you know me,my love,for what
I once was?
Or will there be deep shadows
behind your eyes?

My sweet Angel.
My faceless baby.
Are you there?
How could I ever be enough?

~This was written before I knew I was pregnant. When I was basically terrified of the thought. But what a wonderfull blessing she has turned out to become. My sweet angel, my little beloved.

So enought of poetry I forgot about my great news!!
I had an apt this morning and was accepted for Daycare so one of my major worries was just gone. THey are willing to pay for the cost completely! And then I had an interview and I was hired! Three dollars and seventy cents more an hour! And I'm out of work by 4 every day, and no weekends. I'll be working for an Insurance Agency. Some phone service to help customers with questions and a little data entry. So my other major worry was just gone. And then I called Chip all excited and he said "That's so great baby!".

What a great boyfriend I have. Could things get any better?

Goodnight and sweet dreams all of my dear ones.::hugs::