Sunday, October 15, 2006

When I was a little girl

When I was a little girl my father commented that he had always loved the sound of the flute and piano. He had always wanted a flute player in the family. When I was 8 I began taking flute lessons at school. I was always trying to impress my daddy.

He loved that my older sisters were in dance class and wished they had taken up ballet as well. I soon started taking ballet lessons along with tap and jazz a few years later.

My dad would spend all night making up stories and writing them down so that he'd have something to read to us at night. It was the best part of my day, I couldn't wait until after dinner my dad would say "Go upstairs and get into bed and I'll read you a story". He didn't have one everynight but when he did I'd close my eyes real tight while he sat on the floor between my brother and I's split apart bunk bed. I'd imagine myself in his stories. I began writing at a young age and reading them to my dad always trying to wow him. And even if they were immature he always told me they were wonderfull.

Of all the things I picked up in an effort to be daddy's little girl, writing stuck with me. I still love the flute and when no ones looking I'll do a little shuffle-ball-change around the house,but writing became an outlet for me. And later after my father passed away it became my major connection with him.

I found a story my dad had written probably about 13 years ago. It was one of my favorites, so I'm going to share it with all of you.


Esther was trying to sleep but it was quite impossible with the rest of them all talking so loudly. Chester was pushing Florence and Florence was pushing Angela and so on until all 347 of them were nudging one another awaiting a dip to cool off.

Suddenly it happened and there was a big splash. Ohhh, that was invigorating they all thought.

Something was wrong though, Harry couldn't find Sally. Through the crowd he looked till his vision became blurry. There's Harriet and Tom and there's Fredda,Johnny and Bubba. Ahh yes, and there's Fishbine and McGillicuty along with Harold, Ramus, Thorsun and Renfield. But where was Sally;He had to be with her just one more time, but time was running out. Suddenly there she was on the other side of the crowd. Splash and splash and splash away as he did, he got no closer to his beloved Sally. Then a wall appeared between the two of them and she was gone from sight.

Just as quickly as it appeared, though, it disappeared again and she was in his sight but out of reach. Many of the their friends that seperated them were absent now since the fall and rise of the wall. A crowd still seperated them but it was greatly diminished in size.

Down came the wall again blocking his view of Sally and when it lifted this time even more of their friends had disappeared. Again and again the wall came crashing down and each time it lifted there were fewer and fewer of Harry and Sally's friends to be accounted for.

Harry was deeply concerned for though he was glad Sally was still there each time the wall lifted it also became painfully obvious to him that the odds were against them both surviving this ordeal. Each time that cursed wall came down it obsurred Harry's view of Sally as well as preventing his getting to her. And as optimistic as he tried to be things looked pretty dismall for he and Sally. They'd spent their lives together, he thought. It just wasn't fair for it all to end like this. If only he could touch her one last time, he thought. That thought echoed over and over in his mind as the waves pulled the two lovers closer and closer together. At last, he thought, success was but moments away.

Crash came the wall again, and she was gone. Moments passed or was it hours. Harry did not know for it seemed an eternity for him. Patience never knew waiting such as this. Lifetimes seemed to be passing and in the wake of despair he shed a tear. He had never cried before, nor had any of his peers. But this was a tender moment wrought with raw emotion and calling for extraordinary measures. Life, he thought, was often a reflection of the willingness to participate. Harry no longer felt like participating.

Things were suddenly dark all about him, then just as suddenly became light again. It was as though some great shadow had passed over him. In the end he realized he was still all alone. In the deep embrace of grief and sorrow he had not noticed that the wall had once again vanished.

How many moments had passed, how many lifetimes, indeed how many eternities had awaitedhis notice of a miracle come true. For as his gaze scanned the surrounding pool he caught sight of his beloved. She was there,mere seconds from his grasp. Sally had never been more beautiful. Her radiance had no equal. And no moment in time could compare to this one. They embraced and became one vowing to never be seperated again. They looked around and realized all of their friends were gone. The Giant had left and in the process discarded them both.

Why they had been sparede was anyones guess. Fate had dealt them another hand and they were very gratefull. Indeed they were thankfull as they lay embraced in the bottom of that bowl. After all, the life expectancy of a CornFlake was a brief one.
So there is a sample of my fathers writing. I always loved his stories so much because you never knew until the very end what he was talking about. There is also one about a girl and her teddy bear that I am sure I will share at some point.

Hope you all enjoy.

Goodnight and sleep well dear ones.