Thursday, October 12, 2006

For all moms,young and old

(My beautiful mom,my nephew(spiderman himself) and my daughter)

The sun peeked through the clouds today.
And when it shines,it shines in glorious streams.
Literaly and metaphorically.

My mom got the house she's been looking at. She called me at work and I haven't heard her sound so lighthearted since...well since I can't even remember. She's such a wonderfull mom,she deserves a little sunlight. Or a whole lot.

I see what it takes to take care of one child and still work and it's amazing to finally comprehend all the work she did with out complaint,what she still does for me. Thank you mom for everything.

Have you thanked your mom lately? If you think about how much they do on a daily basis it really is amazing there aren't nut houses dedicated to them.

Thank you moms everywhere!