Wednesday, October 11, 2006

hollow mind

Brian Martinez
"Dear Ginsberg"
I wrote a letter to Ginsberg and I
sent it to the sky,
through my eyes and to the
nearest stars and with pupils
opened wide, I cried and cried,
unashamed,uninhibited. the
angels read aloud to Ginsberg,
sitting in some heavenness sky
No wait,
don't tell.
stay silent.
I don't want to know,
I want to know,but I want to know...
I'll know
when I see it,
when I feel it,
when I smell it,
and when I do, I'll weep
for me,
weep for you,
weep for the world,
weep for everything imaginable,
weep for dusty roads,
and highways,
weep for new clouds,
and new adventures,
weep for weep,
weep for weep's sake.
for this I will sleep and wake.
Dear Ginsberg,thank you.
I can't write tonight. But I found this poem in one of my poetry books and wanted to share. I promise to update more tomorrow.
goodnight dear ones.