Tuesday, October 10, 2006

reflected in their eyes

I had a dream the other night. After reading Echo just before I fell asleep.

" As soon as my eyes closed I was falling through the air. I crashed into the ocean. I dreamt of my body impossibly tangled under water writhing in seaweed and tentacles, cut by jagged shells.

I dreamt of my toes becoming the roots of a tree,my arms extending,growing leaves,becoming branches,my hair a bouquet of fruit blossoms."

My muscles felt heavy,afraid to get up. And standing above me were my daugter,my nephews and my neice. They were staring at me with huge glassy orbs.

And I was reflected in the mirrors. I was reflected in their eyes.


I have nothing more to say tonight. My mind is sleeping peacefully inside of my head.

I love you dear ones. Sweet dreams.

partial quotes from the book Echo