Sunday, October 08, 2006

a nice sunday drive

Today Chip and I decided to take a drive out to see his parents and take a few pictures in Bardstown. For those of you not already living in Kentucky or unaquainted with it's geography,Bardstown is this beautifull little town about 45 minutes south of Louisville. It's filled with historical landmarks and old Civil War monuments. At any time of the day it is not unexpected to pass a horse and buggy.

There is a little village. An actuall Civil War meuseum and a slope you can walk down where there is a mini village complete with stream running through and a tiny bridge. I'm not sure if it is an acutall village or a replica of what once was. Anyway a month or so after we began dating Chip and I drove up there one day and as soon as I saw it I was itching to get some pictures. I finally did.

This is a shot from the top of the small hill. I wanted to walk down and go through the houses so bad. But Aiva was sleeping and it wasn't open to walk through at that time of day.
As a little girl I was obsessed with doll houses so seeing a set up of minature houses caught my attention the moment I first saw it.

We also went by the Heaven Hill Distillary. They are these Huge white structures with tiny windows in a row spanning it's entire length. But the beautiful part is just below the windows. It's black and smudged and seems to be running from beneath the window sill. I don't really know what it is caused from but it's beautiful, it looks like a big charcoal painting.

What an amazing photographer I am,you can see me taking the picture in the side mirror of the truck,lol! Sorry Alissa, I do your art such an injustice,lol.

After taking pictures we stopped at this little barbecue place,Brians Hogwild Barbecue. It's the second time in my life I've had it. The first time being with Chip a few months ago,lol. I guess it's not a New York thing maybe? But mmm is it good. I ordered Aiva a grilled hot dog and chips. So pointless, she sat on my lap and consumed at least half of my barbecue a few fries drenched in catsup and a good portion of green beans(she was always good with vegetables,but then if you've seen Aivas belly you'd know she's been good with just about every sort of food out there :grins:).

After lunch we walked outside and there was a man towing,or I should say being towed by,a huge St. Bernard. Aiva screamed "Puppy!! RUF! RUF!". So we walked over and let her pet the extremely huge "puppy". Aiva put her face right down by his like she does Angel and sluurrp, his tongue went right up the side of her face. She loved it.

After having lunch and being drenched in slobber we headed out to his parents. After convincing Aiva that the kitty would still be there when we went out later and that it was ok to leave her outside for a few minutes we headed inside and visited with his dad for a few hours.

However,during our visit we went for a drive around his parents property in their golf cart. Aiva has to get atleast one ride in every time we go up. We drove by the small pond and stopped to take a picture when Chip noticed a turtle ambling up the small enbankment. It was the absolute cutest thing.(I collect anything having to do with turtles or tortoises. I had a turtle when I was very young and a tortoise from 8-18). We took a few pictures and I wanted to keep it but we were unsure if it was a snapping turtle or not. Anyway I doubt I could succesfully replicate such surroundings and anyway he or she could have a family. So here's a picture of the little sweetie.

So that was my Sunday. It was a great day,spent it good company.

(below are a couple more pictures from Bardstown)