Friday, October 06, 2006

Random pictures

So here is my little peanut Aiva Ki-ki. This was taken early September when Chip and I went to New York to see my family. Normally Aiva will not go on anything at the park. She's scared of everything. The slide and swing are ok,but only if mommy goes on it with her. But when she saw the chicken swing she freaked out. I couldn't get her off it for about 45 minutes.

So while at work today Chip said he was going to figure out how to place pictures on my page so now I'm all excited and going to just fill this entire entry with random pictures.

This is Chip and Aiva strolling down the path bordering Niagara Falls. We stayed on the Canada side. Actually Aiva was having a fit because she was ready for nap time. Chip thought that if we let her walk a while she'd be ok. That worked for about 5 minutes.

I had to include this picture because it's just so amazing. This was the view from our Hotel room! We woke up and walked to the window and this is what we saw. This view is actually what is considered the New York side. Off to the left covered in mist is the Canadian side or the Horseshoe falls.

This is the Horseshoe. Isn't that gorgeous? I wish I had a fraction of Alissa's skills when it comes to photography,then you'd be able to fully see it and clearly. Anyway it was beautifull.

This next picture is actually for Alissa. I wish I had focused it better,but it was taken at the last second. This is the bridge connecting the United States to Canada. As soon as I took it and reviewed I was like "She would love this". Hope you do like it.


Enough of random pictures. Yesterday Chip dug a scarf out of his basement and handed it to me. It's a pretty striped scarf. And last night we found the sunglasses that were once Nick and Drews. Aiva decided she had to have them on. Then she spotted the scarf. I grabbed the camera and she said "Cheeeese". What a ham. I'll leave those pictures at the bottom of the page.

Today has been another one of those days where at moments it would be easy to become overwhelmed. But I keep thinking of our conversation yesterday and I smile. And my heart feels warm and my stomach does this wierd fluttery thing and the stress dissipates.

Thank you so much honey for being in my life.