Monday, November 27, 2006


So I had a little downtime at work today and decided to be poetic.

I imagined you something strange
a mythilogical one eyed conqueror
something unreachable,a legend
the fairytale form of breathlessness
starlight,enchantment and glittered moments

but love,what is this?
this emotion you've overflown my hands
and heart with?
where is the ever present storm?
the high winds?
"ruthless and raging and consuming completely"?

is it the calm? this love?
and do the storms come,like sunlight,in glorious streams?
bursting upon myself in magnificent appreciation?

let it be,love!
the calm and the storm!
the soft,warm,late night conversations
the moments of enchantment and chaos
let it be

the making of our own legends

~i love you.

So we're still fighting this impenitrable sickness. All three of us. But the copious amounts of medication seem to be putting a dent in the armor of this mighty thing. It'll be allright soon. We'll all be running and playing and enjoying the holidays. Fingers crossed.

sleep well dear ones. all of you. near and far.


Blogger Nancy said...

What a lovely poem!

I'm sorry you are all still sick. It seems that Dad is, too, and I have my first (and hopefully only) cold of the season. Wishes for good health all around!

11:30 AM  

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